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A quick clarification of the Target Shield Patch.

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We are a team of Match Directors, CRO/CSO, RO/SO, and Master through D class shooters in multiple sports and disciplines.  We can be typically found at a range improving on or showcasing our skills.  We have a love for competing and feel its our duty to improve the sports as we learn about and participate in them.

With a team much experience in managing, helping at, and competing in practical shooting sports we truly enjoy making the sports better for ourselves and the competitors that attend our events.  With the worst pain for a match and its competitors being foul weather we endeavored on a quest to create a solution.  We invented the Target Shield and, after testing, decided it was a product we would be happy to see and use at events we went to.  So we are bringing it to you and hope you'll see the value in providing this solution to foul weather to your competitors.


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